1. Our shipping day is now every Tuesday. If you have special request please contact us to arrange a time that works for you.

2. We need to fast the fish at least 2 days before shipping so orders that placed less than 48 hours prior to Tuesday will be shipped the following Tuesday.

3. We use corrugated cardboard boxes with thick foam insulation to ship your fish. We also double bagged your fish to prevent water from leaking.

4. We will decide whether to use ice/heat pack based on the weather of the destination.

5. UPS/FedEx and USPS are our shipping carriers at the moment.

6. Due to the  great distance from our facility to the airport we do not offer Air Cargo shipping at this time. However, if you must use Air Cargo please reach out to us ( addition fee will apply, but we can't promise availability.)

7. For Hawaii customers please acquire your import permit here before purchasing as we will need it to include it in your order.

8. We ONLY ship in the US, not international and US territories.

9. We can hold your fish for up to 2 weeks after the day of the order.

10. We can't hold any fish for you without advanced payment.




Overnight shipping is $65 flat

Haiwaii overnight shipping is pro rated after checkout

2nd day shipping is $39