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We take great precautions when it comes to shipping fish!

 We will do everything humanly possible on our end to make sure the fish arrive alive and well. Therefore, we're proud to offer you not only Arrive Alive guarantee but also Stay Alive guarantee. It means that if your fish die within 7 days from the delivery day you can file a claim to get reimbursed for the dead fish. Please see the rules and restrictions below:

1. If your fish is DOA please let us know within 2 hours from the delivery time shown by the tracking. Make sure to send a 15-30 seconds video of the floating dead fish in the water (either in the bag or in your tank ). Pictures will not be valid to claim your dead fish. Without a video we cannot validate that your fish is DOA and your claim will become invalid.

2. A video of the dead fish must be sent within 2 hours from the delivery time shown by the tracking because sometimes the package was delivered but left outside for a prolonged period of time and we cannot provide you any guarantee for that time. So please be available to receive your order on delivery day. Our ship day is every Tuesday, overnight shipping orders will arrive on Wednesday and 2 day shipping orders will arrive on Thursday. If you wish to change delivery day please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a different delivery day.

3. Our Arrive Alive & Stay Alive Guarantee only applied to Overnight Shipping orders.

4. We only provide Arrive Alive Guarantee to 2 day shipping, NOT Stay Alive.

5. If your fish died within 7 days from the delivery day please do the followings to receive credit for it:

A. Send us a short video of the dead fish floating in the tank. Pictures will be considered invalid.

B. Send us photos of the water test showing your tank is fully recycled (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite) of day 1 and the day the fish died with time marked. You can do this by going into photo details on your phone and screenshot it.

C. The water test must be of the tank water that the fish were in.

D. If you notice the fish is not doing well/something wrong with it, please reach out to us ASAP.

E. If you think the fish is sick and treat it with medications without consulting us first, your claim will become invalid.

F. IF you fail to do any of the above your claim will become invalid and we will dismiss the case.

6. If we can verify/validate your claim we will offer you store credit for the value of the dead fish only.

7. Shipping fee is non-refundable with no exception.

8. Store credit can only be used for live fish purchase, NOT medication purchase.

9. Store credit will expire in 90 days from the issued date.


​If you have more questions about our policy please do not hesitate to reach out to us either via email/social media or you can call/text 512-216-9850. If we don't answer please leave a text or voice mail and we WILL get back to you.

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