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Q: What shipping carrier do you use?

A: We're using UPS to ship our fish.

Q: If I order today, when will I receive my fish?

A: Our usual shipping day is every Tuesday. If you choose overnight shipping you should receive your fish on Wednesday. If you choose 2 day shipping you should receive your fish on Thursday.

However, if you have a special request you can reach out to us to arrange a shipping day that works for you.

Q: Do you ship on the weekends?

A: No, we don't.

Q: Do you include ice/heat pack?

A: We will use ice pack in the summer when it's too hot. We do not use heat pack as goldfish are cold water fish and shipping in cool/cold water is preferred. If it gets too cold (below 20 F) we rather hold fish and wait for the weather to warm up to ship.

Q: How long can you hold fish after purchase?

A: We can hold fish for up to 2 weeks after purchase. We cannot hold fish for more than 2 weeks and will automatically cancel the order and deduct a 10% restocking fee.

Q: How do I add another fish to my existing order without paying for shipping again?

A: You can do so by selecting the PICKUP/ADD TO EXISTING ORDER option at checkout under the shipping tab.

Q: Do you have a storefront for walk-in customers?

A: No, we don't.

But we do offer pick up after purchase instead of shipping. You can do so by selecting the PICKUP option at checkout under the shipping tab.

Q: Do you ship to Hawaii?

A: At the moment we only offer shipping to the main Island/Honolulu. Please contact us for more details.

Q: What if my order got delayed?

A: We understand that delay is very upsetting, but once the package is in UPS's hand there's little to nothing we can do, unfortunately. We can only WAIT!

The good news is we pack our fish in a way that they can last up to 7 days in the bag so you don't have to worry much about their well being.


Q: Do you quarantine your fish? If so, how long?

A: Yes, we do. 

We quarantine/treat our fish when they first arrive for 2 weeks. They will be under observation for at least another 2 weeks before we put them up for sale.

Q: Should I quarantine my fish after they arrive?

A: It is a good practice to quarantine your fish before introducing it to your community tank.

However, if you don't have a proper quarantine setup we don't recommend it as you will only end up hurting the fish by putting it in an uncycled tank/tub and causing them to suffer the constant ammonia/nitrite spike.

A proper quarantine setup should include a cycled sponge filter or some sort of cycled filter running.

Q: What temperature and pH do you keep your fish in?

A: We keep our fish in the range of 74-78 F. Our pH level is in the range of 7.8-8.2.

We highly recommend you keep them in similar water parameters.


Q: How to file a claim if my fish is DOA or dies within 7 days?

A: Please check HERE for details.


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: You can reach us by phone, social media and email, but the best way to contact us is through email.

Emails usually will be answered on the same day.


Phone: 512-980-1118

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