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Origin: Import

Gender: Female (Gender is determined based on an educated guess with up to 95% accuracy. If you need to make sure 100% please don't hesitate and reach out to us to confirm)

Size: 5-6" total length (The LOGO in the back is 5" in diameter for comparison)

Note: Parent Grade means these fish are matured and high quality that are used by farms to reproduce. We can only get this big size and quality once a year when the farms are done with their breeding season.


All of our fish has been strictly quarantined/treated for at least 4 weeks to make sure they're strong and healthy before listing.


We’re proudly introducing the new Fish Vet Approved Acclimation/Quarantine Process, along with the 7 Day Arrive Alive & Stay Alive we strive to provide you with a peace of mind when ordering from us.



Parent Grade Red/White Ranchu Female