Pellet size: 3mm

With metronidazole and praziquantel to clear out 80% of the common parasites encountered in the aquarium or pond

Anti-Parasite Duo Pellet

  • The use of medicated foods is the only way to effectively treat internal disease. And under certain conditions using a single medication does not have the desired effect. Our Anti-Parasite Duo Pellet combines metronidazole with praziquantel. This drug combination has shown to be more effective than using each drug on its own.

    Metronidazole is an anti-protozoan medication and praziquantel is a broad spectrum deworming medication. This combination will treat a variety of parasites in the gut, including hexamita, Malawi bloat, body slime, chilodonella, freshwater ich, epistylis, schistosoma, liver flukes, gill flukes, flat worms, tape worms and turbellarians.

    Treatment: Begin treatment with a water change of 25% or greater. Then feed 1-2 times a day for 7-10 days, max 14 days. May be repeated if necessary.

    Can use concurrently with Epsom Salt and elevated heat (86F/30C or higher) to clear out the gut more efficiently.